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P.B.C Servicing London & The UK for over 30 years

Certified Translation Service Holders Of The A.T.C Official Stamp

At P.B.C we specialize in the translation of personal documents, such as birth certificates, passports, marriage certificates and academic records, which are crucial documents that require professional translation services. Accurate and reliable translation of personal documents is necessary for immigration, education, employment, and other legal purposes. Our translators are experts in translating personal documents and understand the importance of retaining the original formatting and content of the document.  Please note that all our personal document translations come as standard with a the A.T.C official stamp which is accepted by the Home Office .  We also add a legal paragraph of authenticity. We can provide translation into/out of the following languages i.e., Spanish, French, German, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Russian & all East European languages.  So If you are looking for a Company that is one of the market leaders in the translating and interpreting services, click on the quote icon and upload a document for a competitive quote.

Legal Document Translation Service

We also offer Legal document translation service so if you  require accurate translation services to ensure that the meaning of the original document is not lost or changed. Our team of legal language experts is well versed in the legal terminology and understands the specific laws and regulations in different countries. We provide certified translations for legal documents such as contracts, court orders, patents and intellectual property agreements.

Business Document Translation

Businesses need accurate translation services to communicate effectively with partners, clients, and customers across different borders and cultures. Our translators have expertise in different industries and understand the importance of maintaining the professionalism and style of the document. We translate business documents such as presentations, manuals, marketing materials
and proposals.

Confidentiality Assured

At Power Business Communications Translation Service, we can guarantee that all our translations are completed by our trusted inhouse translators who have to sign a confidentiality agreement. And with a company with over 30 years of expertise to call upon, you know you are dealing with a trusted supplier of language services.


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Easy Group Companies

"Our company has been extremely satisfied with the translation service we have received from P.B.C and for the translation of our onboard magazine and our legal documentation for Easyjet interests in Europe over the last 10 years.
The translation service we have received has been prompt, well executed, and of fair value. We would have no hesitation in recommending P.B.C to other potential customers.

I shall continue to use them to fulfill future translation needs as necessary."

Debbie Witts
Group Financial Controller
easyGroup Company

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