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Full Members of the A.T.C with over 30 years Of Expertise to Call upon The Power To Translate

P.B.C Provides a Certified translation service, Legal translation service, Financial, Technical translation services for business & individuals servicing the UK & the City of London.  We offer a dedicated Translation Service, with over 30 Years of expertise to call upon. We provide our clients with a wide range of business and official Document translations, such as Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Passports, Criminal record checks, Diplomas & all types of legal, technical, & Financial document translations.  All our legal translations come as standard with a Legal Paragraph of Authenticity & Association Of Translation Companies Official Stamp approved by The Home Office.  Our certified documents are accepted by the Home Office and all United Kingdom Government bodies. P.B.C is recommended by the French, Spanish, Italian & German Embassies for the translation of Certified personal documents. We also translate Commercial, Technical, & Website translations.

Certifying translations with our ATC Certification Stamp Approved by the Home Office

The ATC’s Certification Stamp is only awarded to Accredited ATC Member companies. The stamp is used to certify translations, typically those submitted to public sector or other authorities.

Examples of translations requiring certification can include civil record certificates (birth, marriage, death certificates), diplomas and transcripts, company registration documents or documentation used in legal proceedings. Translations certified by an ATC Accredited Member company are accepted by most UK public service authorities. However, the ATC recommends that any requirements for the certification are clarified with the authority directly by the client.

Translations certified with the ATC’s Certification Stamp signal to the recipient that the translation has been carried out by an Accredited Member of the Association of Translation Companies. It demonstrates that the company has passed the ATC’s strict membership vetting process, including checks on financial stability, quality management processes, client and supplier references and also holds suitable professional indemnity insurance.

Commercial Translation Service

P.B.C commercial translation service deals with commercial correspondence, financial & tax translations..We can also provide professional translation services in marketing depending on whether you need to process a high visibility advertising campaign, a new product presentation, online translations for websites, anything relating to marketing, selling or international advertising strategies... We also specialise in translation of tenders, contracts ,etc... our commercial translation service can help you leave your footprint on the global arena and help you win that contract with a company with over 30 years of expertise to call upon...

Technical Translation Service

P.B.C technical  translation service offers a comprehensive Technical translation service. Technical translations usually come up when products need to be marketed in other countries. The technical manuals & specifications etc.. need to be translated.  When tranlating technical translations, care has to be taken to make sure the technical terms are correctly translated as this could cause the entire technical translation to be made redundant.  If a mistake is made in the translation of technical documententation, when translating manual, software translation etc.... we have quality control procedures in place to make sure, you the client, get a perfect end product. Our  technical translation team deals with a wide range of technical subjects and would be pleased to discuss your technical translation needs, or alternatively, go to our quote link at the top of the page where you can upload a file or email a document for a quotation.


Easy Group Companies

"Our company has been extremely satisfied with the translation service we have received from P.B.C and for the translation of our onboard magazine and our legal documentation for Easyjet interests in Europe over the last 10 years.
The translation service we have received has been prompt, well executed, and of fair value. We would have no hesitation in recommending P.B.C to other potential customers.

I shall continue to use them to fulfill future translation needs as necessary."

Debbie Witts
Group Financial Controller
easyGroup Company

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