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PBC Comprehensive interpreting Service can meet all your interpreting needs

P.B.C London Interpreting Service supply interpreting services to the following sectors: travel and tourism, telecommunications, insurance, finance, banking sector, pharmaceutical, the Oil & Gas industry, railway sector, automotive, I.T., engineering, electronics etc... For more in-depth information, please click on our interpreting services link at the top of the page. If you need any further information, one of our London based language consultant will be pleased to discuss any of your interpreting requirements.
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Individual Whispering Interpreting Services

When you meet foreign clients and there is a language barrier, even the most clinical marketing strategy will not get you the success you deserve. It is best advised that you organize a Whispering interpreter to make sure that you 'understand' all that the client has to say. Hence an efficient linguist by your side will help you get the success that you expect. if you would like a quote for Interpreting Services in London please click on the quote banner above.

Simultaneous Interpreting Services

Our London interpreting service provides a simultaneous interpreting service, this is when the interpreter listens to the person talking via headphones and translates his/her speech immediately into the target language without a time lag. This ensures the audience gets to hear the speaker's speech in their language. This is used for speakers addressing large audiences. If you would like a quote from our Interpreting Service in London please click on the quote banner above.

Consecutive Interpreting Services

The interpreter takes notes while the speaker gives the speech and later repeats the translated text after the speaker completes his speech. This is used for speeches at receptions and banquets.