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Power Business Communications Translation services At competitive Rates with over 30 years of expertise

Legal & Certified Translation Services for all your personal documentation  &  business  translations 

All our certified translations are formally certified as legitimate for official purposes and are accepted by the Home Office. Documents that require certified translation services would include paperwork that has to be submitted to an Immigration or Naturalization department (such as high school certificates, degree certificates, convocation certificates, birth and marriage certificates), other documents such as letters of consent, letters of protocols, native country official records, police records etc… We also translate a wide range of Legal documentation. If you would like a quote for a legal or certified document, please click on the quote icon above. Our Certified translation service translates a wide range of certificates such as Birth Certificates, Marriage and divorce certificate, Diplomas, Criminal Record Checks, etc.... All Our Certified translations are stamped with the official A.T.C stamp that is accepted by all Government bodies including the Home Office which confirms the document has been translated by an accredited member of the A.T.C.

Software Translation Service

Included in this service is website translation, domains not exactly related to the Internet. This involves software application companies, hardware and networking product manufacturers and telecommunications companies. The application software, its documentation, marketing and web-based information in different languages that need to be translated for simultaneous worldwide release. (PBC) Power Business Communications Translation Services can provide your company with a competitive price for I.T related products.

We also specialize in the translation of  CD-ROMs, On-line manuals, Website content and Computer software.

 Website translation Service

The importance of an accurate localized online business translation for a global audience or market was revealed in a recent survey, with the majority (63%) of global consumers surveyed agreeing that they are much more likely to place an order from a website that is offered in their native language. If a consumer struggles to understand website content because they don't speak the language or because it has been translated using Google Translate, they are most likely to abandon the order process altogether.
So what does it mean for e-commerce and businesses? It means that by neglecting to properly and accurately translate website content using professional human translation services, business enterprises and brands are not maximizing sales and not optimizing their consumer base. In short, without accurate website translation, businesses are losing customers and losing sales

Languages We Translate at competitve rates

(P.B.C) Power Business Communications  translation services translates Scandinavian languages such Danish, Swedish, Norwegian & Finnish. Southern European languages including German, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek translations, Chinease, Turkish, 

(P.BC) Power Business Communications Translation Services  East European team translates: Polish, Russian, Hungarian, Czech, Croatian, Serb, Slovak, Romanian, Ukrainian, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian, Bulgarian etc... We also translate Arabic, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, (Brazilian Portuguese).

  PBC Technical translation Services with Over 30 Years of expertise 

Marketing brochures for New Products, Labels, Reports, Training materials, Beauty & Household Products Catalogues, Interior Design Catalogues, Maintenance Manuals, Instructions for Assembly Use, Operations Procedures, Troubleshooting occupational safety instructions, Calibration certificates, Technical specifications, Marketing,  vehicle presentations, Active and passive safety systems descriptions, Presentation of vehicle optional and standard equipment, accessories, Description of engine management and operation of twin-clutch transmission... to name but a few.

We also translate CD-ROMs, On-line manuals, Website content and Computer software.
P.B.C. Are Full Members of the Association of Translation Companies

We Adhere to EN-15038 Standard